CertExams.com Updates CCNA NetSim with Designer

CertExams.com, a leader in providing practice exams and netsims, recently released an important update to it’s CCNA Labsim software.The update includes support for additional commands, addition of labs in the area of FHRP (First Hop Redundancy Protocol) and Site to Site VPN, and fixing of a couple of bugs with the software.

The CCNA Netsim provides a good start with hands-on practice of networking in virtual environment using Cisco switches, routers, and other networking equipment. Several dozens of labs have been provided for thorough understanding and practice of configuring and troubleshooting networking problems as covered by the Cisco CCNA exam.

The important features of the netsim includes a simulator component, lab manual, and a network design component. In addition to practicing of existing labs, one can design one’s own labs and configure and/or troubleshoot the same.

Due to a recent update in Adobe reader, there was a bug in loading initial screen of the lab manual on some versions of Windows OS, and the same has been fixed.

You may view the available labs for Cisco CCNA and also the Cisco CCNA commands.

About CCNA: CCNA isĀ  a widely known certification in the area of computer networking, mainly the Internet. The certification is awarded by Cosci Systems after passing the exam and valid for 3 years, before which one needs to recertify.

Disclaimer: CertExams.com is not associated with Cisco Systems and CCNA is a trademark of Cisco and duly acknowledge.


  1. Which Operating Systems does it work?
    1. The software is compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1, and Windows 10. Regularly updated to work with most recent Windows operating systems.
  2. How is CCNA Netsim different for CCNA Exam Sim?
    1. The two products CCNA Exam sim and CCNA Net sim complement each other. CCNA exam sim, as the name implies, concentrates mainly on the question bank and offers various types of questions such as MCQs, Simlets, Testlets, and Router Simulations. CCNA Netsim provides a virtual network environment wherein a user would be able to configure and troubleshoot various networking scenarios as if he were working on the real network. The tool provides an effective way of learning without having to buy the actual physical equipment at a fraction of a cost.
  3. Do I need Cisco IOS image to use the software? Or any other third party software is required?
    1. No. The NetSim provided by certexams.com is entirely self dependent. It doesn’t require any IOS image or any other third party software. The Netsim has been developed completely in-house. All algos such as routing, STP, VPN, etc. had been developed in-house. It is the only software you need to use Netsim.
  4. Is the software web-based or downloadable?
    1. It is a downloadable software.
  5. Does the License expire?
    1. No, all licenses are valid for life unless otherwise informed.
  6. Do you provide a second copy for home use?
    1. In most cases, yes. We provide second license free of cost for individual licenses. Corporate or institutional licenses are not provided with home license.
  7. Do I pass the exam once I buy this software?
    1. It depends. The products offered by Certexams.com are NOT braindumps. Best effort has been made to cover all exam objectives thoroughly with the intention of candidates understanding the concepts, learn skills, and pass the exam comfortable.
  8. How do we contact if we need any help?
    1. Usually, the software has in-built query system. However, you may contact us by directly emailing us at cs (at) certexams.com

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