Anand Software releases CBT Exam Engine

Anand Software and Training released Computer Based Test software to cater to the educationists and authors. The software contains two modules, 1) Author module and 2) Exam engine. The author module is responsible for creation of a) Question database, b) Groups (aka Classes), and c) Student profiles. The Exam engine is responsible for rendering the questions in a pre-configured manner to the exam takers.

The Author module features include the following:

  1. Creation of student profiles and classes
  2. Creation of various types of questions, including MCQs, Drag and drop, Hotspot, and Scenario based.
  3. Exam configuration which may include the number of questions, question weightage, categories, etc.
  4. Export of environment to Exam engine for import by the later.

The Exam engine provides various features as below:

  1. Study and Exam modes
  2. Question and answers randomization
  3. Exam configuration based on a) bookmarked b)wrongly answered questions only
  4. Ability to configure the navigation buttons, like disabling the “Previous” button.
  5. Timed exam, which is configurable by the examiner
  6. Day/night mode (flip background and foreground colors), and adjustable font size for convenience
  7. Detailed statistics on exam scores, category wise scores, etc.

Software Compatibility:

Author Software: The author module is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems.

Exam Software: The exam software is compatible with both Windows and Android operating systems. One should be able to run the exam software from smart phone and/or tablet, in addition to regular Windows desktop PC.

The software may be downloaded from the link given below:

Author software:
Exam software:

About Anand Software and Training: The company is involved in the development of desktop and mobile apps for Windows and Android operating systems. The Company provides exam simulators and network simulators for various certification exams such as CCNA, JNCIA, etc. Please visit the Company website for more information.

Contact: sales

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