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Admission Procedure To Integrated First Degree Programmes


Note: Please verify with official website for accurate and up-to-date information. The following is provided only for general information.

Admissions are made on an all India basis. English is the medium of instruction for all the programmes in the Institute. Selection is based entirely on candidate's merit, his/her preference, facilities available and availability of seats. Some details of admission modality for all the three tiers of education are described in the following paragraphs.

Admissions will be made purely on merit. The merit position of the candidate will be based on the score obtained by the candidate in a Computer based Online Test (BITSAT) conducted by BITS, Pilani.

Eligibility for admission:

For admission to all the Integrated First Degree programmes candidates should have passed the 12th examination of 10+2 system from a recognized Central or State board or its equivalent with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics and adequate proficiency in English. The candidate should have obtained a minimum of aggregate 75% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in 12th examination, with at least 60% marks in each of the Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics subjects.

For BITSAT-2013, candidates who fulfill the following conditions are eligible to appear:

  • Students appearing for 12th examination in 2013

  • Students who have passed the 12th examination in 2012 provided they explain the reasons for the gap. The admissions committee will examine all such cases before taking a final decision on their eligibility.

  • Should have taken Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) subjects in 12th class.


1. Students should have appeared in/ passed the 12th examination of the 10+2 system from a recognized Central/ State board.

2. Students who have passed 12th examination in 2012 or previous years and have already joined any other educational Institution for higher studies will be considered for admission under 'Advanced standing' basis, which is explained in the earlier part.

3. Students who are presently studying in BITS at any of its campuses are NOT eligible to appear in BITSAT.

4. The Institute considers only the latest performance through a public examination for admission. If the results of the latest examination are not available within the due date for submission of application, the candidate will not be considered even if there are some earlier performances of 12th class or its equivalent or any higher examination available with him/her. If a candidate has taken more than one attempt in 12th class or its equivalent, only his latest performance is considered, provided this attempt has been for the full component of subjects/courses prescribed.

Direct Admission to Board Toppers

In the past, admission process of the Institute always ensured guaranteed admission to all the students who obtained first ranks in their respective board examinations. This has given a very vital input of highly meritorious students from all over India. Continuing this tradition, the Institute will give direct admission to first rank students of all the central and state boards to the programme of their choice, irrespective of their BITSAT-2013 score. However, they should have obtained the minimum marks in PCM SUBJECTS in 12th examination, as described above. For more details, see the later sections in this part and also the BITS website.

The mechanism of admission procedure

(i) Applying for admission:  All candidates who have appeared in BITSAT-2013 and are interested in admission will be required to submit application forms with 12th marks and programme preferences before 29th June 2013. All applications are to be filled online. The filled forms are to be printed and should be posted along with the enclosures to reach the Institute before the deadline, which is 29th June 2013.

(ii) Preparation of Merit List for Admission: The merit position of all eligible candidates (i.e., those who have appeared in BITSAT-2013 and have submitted application form for admission in the prescribed format with 12th marks, preferences and the required fees) will be prepared on the basis of their total scores in BITSAT-2013.

When the BITSAT score of two candidates are the same

(i) First their scores obtained in Mathematics in BITSAT will be considered for separating them

(ii) If the tie still exists, then their scores in Physics in BITSAT will be considered for separating them.

(iii) Further tie is eliminated using their scores in Chemistry in BITSAT.

(iv) Finally, their PCM total marks in 12th examination will be considered for their separation.

The candidate have to fill only a single application form for seeking admission to all the degree programmes offered at Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad campuses. The candidate's order of preference for different programmes offered at Pilani, Goa, and Hyderabad campuses of the Institute is processed through a computer and the offers are made. This may take a few iterations and at each stage, the status is made available to the candidates at the Institute's website www.bitsadmission.com through Internet.

For a candidate to remain in the race, it is mandatory that the following conditions are fulfilled and strictly adhered to by the candidates

(i) The Data provided by the candidate in the application form with respect to the candidate's background, academic performance, and order of preference for various degree programmes etc. is final.

(ii) The required fees as mentioned in the communication from the Institute are paid in advance and the candidate does not raise any new arguments in this connection.

(iii) A candidate, whether offered admission/ placed on waiting list, cannot withdraw and claim refund of fees once he has entered the competition.

Any candidate who seeks to alter the above conditions in the middle of this process is liable to disqualify himself/herself and forfeit 20% of total fees (i.e., admission fee and one semester fee). See the section on 'Advance Fees, Refund and Forfeiture of Fees' later in this part.

(iii) The Actual Mechanism of Admission:The facilities of the Institute are pronounced invariably in terms of the ratio of seats allotted between the different programmes rather than in terms of a fixed number of seats. The total number of admissions made may vary from year to year. The change in the total number of seats takes place primarily to adjust to the requirements of a highly flexible system which accommodates a second semester admission, dual degree, admission with advanced standing, transfer, etc. In order to reduce the number of iterations, based on earlier experience and on a statistical projection of the responses received, the Institute might make admission offers to a larger number of candidates than the number of seats earmarked.

The computer is programmed to assign the seats starting from the first candidate on the merit list and going down the same until all seats are filled up. At any time when the computer considers a candidate, it first tries to accommodate the first preference of the candidate and goes to his/her second preference if his/her first preference could not be accommodated and so on. Assignments for all programmes are thus completed and immediate admission offers are made. Based on our past experience, a certain number of candidates would be placed on waiting list. Whenever vacancies arise, the procedure of assignment would be exactly the same as described above. During each iteration, a de novo assignment starting from the first candidate in the merit list will be made. Of course, in this operation, candidates who have declined the offer and/or who have not paid fees would be removed from the merit list. It is now clear that in this process not only some of the candidates who are on the waiting list will get an assignment but also certain students who have already got an assignment may now get a new assignment to one of their higher preference if seats are now available.

The waiting list of the Institute has the following characteristics namely

(i) The cut-off point for the waiting list is arrived at by our past experience in terms of the responses from the candidates, the number and the quality of candidates who have applied in the current year with a view to complete the admissions and start the classes in time.

(ii) Those who are admitted to a programme will continue to be on the waiting list for their higher preferences.

(iii) The waiting list is for admission to the Institute and not for a particular programme, Hence it will not be possible to assign a waiting list number for a student for a particular programme.

(iv) A student who has a higher BITSAT score may be on the waiting list while a student who has a lesser BITSAT score may have got admission because the former crossed out a programme which the later has opted for and seats were available in that particular programme.

(v) Those who cross out a programme not only cease to be candidates for admission to the programme but also for consideration on the waiting list of the programme.

(vi) Those who get offers to be on the waiting list must pay their fees in advance to remain in the waiting list.

Some tips on showing preferences and crossing out

The candidates are strongly advised to exercise their preferences after careful consideration.

No candidate at any time of the operation can change his/her preferences or refuse to slide up in his/her order of preference till the entire admission process is completed.

If a candidate wishes to join BITS irrespective of the programme so that he can float up until the admission process is complete or he can avail of certain unusual flexibilities like dual degree etc. it would not be in his interest to cross out any programme. The other extreme is where a candidate is absolutely sure of his inclination and such candidates would be advised to show preferences to those limited programmes only and cross out the rest. Normally a candidate cannot change the preferences once submitted. However, if for any reason a candidate discovers a mistake in his preferences already submitted, he can submit a request for change of preferences in the prescribed format, before the last date for submitting applications. Please see BITS website for details.

Admissions at Pilani campus, Goa Campus and Hyderabad Campus

As already announced, admissions to BITS, Pilani- Pilani campus, BITS, Pilani -Goa campus and BITS, Pilani - Hyderabad Campus will be made through a single admission process. In the different admission iterations mentioned in the earlier paragraphs, it is possible that a student who has got an admission offer for a programme in one campus gets slided up for a programme at the other campus in the next iteration. Once a student reports for admission at a particular campus, he remains in the waiting list for the programmes of his higher preferences at the other campuses, till all admissions are finalized. To minimize inconvenience to students, once the student has reported for admission at any one of the campuses, he/she will be given a chance to opt out of the race for the programmes offered at the other campuses and he/she will be considered only for programmes of his/her higher preferences at the campus where he/she has joined. The student has to make the decision on this option on the day of reporting for admission. Further instructions in this regard will be sent to those who have been offered admission. In all the above matters, the Vice-chancellor's decision shall be final.

Dual degree for Group B students

To meet the ambitions of the students who could not get admission to B.E.(Hons.)/B.Pharm.(Hons.) programmes, the Institute has created facilities by which any student who is admitted to M.Sc.(Hons.) programmes is accommodated in a dual degree scheme for a second degree in B.E.(Hons.)/B.Pharm.(Hons.) programmes. This assignment is made by competition on their performance at BITS at the end of first year, separately in Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad campuses. Requirements of both the degrees are structured to be completed normally in five years.

Eligibility criteria for admission under 'Direct admission to Board toppers' scheme

To be eligible for admission under the 'Direct admission to Board toppers' scheme, the candidate should be the topper from the science stream having taken Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics subjects in 12th. To identify the topper the following criteria will be adopted.

The topper is the student who fulfills the following criteria:

a) has taken Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics subjects in 12th and

b) has obtained the highest aggregate percentage of marks in 12th among all the students who have taken Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics subjects in 2012 from the Board. For the purpose of calculating the aggregate percentage, the aggregate marks should include the marks of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics subjects in addition to other subjects which are required to pass the 12th examination from the Board under consideration. Further, the Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics subject marks should be included in the aggregate, irrespective of whether the Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics subjects are identified as main/optional/elective in his marksheet(s).

Applicants under the scheme should attach documentary proof in support of their claim, along with the 12th mark sheet and a letter from the Board declaring the candidate as the topper in the specified stream. The Institute will also make efforts to get these data from the different boards on its own. In all cases, the Institute will be guided by the data provided by the concerned Board. In cases where for a particular board, the data available before the deadline is insufficient or inconclusive, the admission committee may decide not to make any offer under the scheme for that specified Board. In all such cases, the decision of the Vice chancellor will be final and binding on the applicants. The applications are to be made online. The filled forms are to be printed and should be posted along with the enclosures to reach the Institute before the deadline, which is 29th June 2013. See the BITS website for more details.


The Institute welcomes foreign students but the admission is strictly made on the basis of merit. There is no separate provision for admission of such candidates and they have to compete with all other candidates, as per the procedure already described above for various degree programmes. In order to verify the eligibility for admissions, the candidates should enclose, with their application, documents explaining grading/marking system and calculation of cumulative grade point average/ aggregate percentage of marks along with their transcript/ mark sheet. Further the candidates must send a copy of syllabus of courses and rules and regulations for the examinations they have passed well in advance. Students should request their examining authorities to send the transcript/ mark sheet with relevant documents directly to Admissions Officer, BITS, Pilani - 333 031, India so as to reach him before the deadline. A specially appointed committee examines all applicants with foreign qualifications regarding their eligibility for admissions.

Disclaimer: PrepExams.in is not associated or affiliated with BITS, IIT, or any other institute or organisation. The information in this website is given for overall review of various educational institutes, admission procedures, and other requirements. Candidates and parents need to visit respective official websites for current and exact information.

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