Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to download the product?

The user can select the product from menu and go to "Download prep Exam" page which will take you to a page that contain product details and the download link. You need to register with us to download the product. User can download the software for free and use the demo version (has limited features) and activate the full version after purchase.

2.I am not able to register or log in to download the product. What is the problem?

Make sure that you have the browser set to accept cookies. Please provide valid email address. Also you may need to activate your account an email will be sent to you at time of registration for the same.

3.I have problem with the activation of the account. What to do?

You need to enter the correct email id while registering. If the email id is incorrect, you will not be able to activate the account. For any technical assistance, please email support[at]

4. How to Install the product?

For detailed download and installation procedure read Product download and Installation

5. What are the minimum system requirements to install the product?

Minimum Requirements:Supported platforms: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10

Installation requirements:50 MB free space 1GHz CPU 256 MB RAM 800x600 screen resolution Active Internet connection

6. What features are available in the demo version of software?

The demo version of the products is just for trial and it includes limited features only.

7. How to purchase the product?

We have released beta version of the product and it can be downloaded for free.

8. I need an activation key. Where can I get one?

First thing is you will need to purchase the software to request the key. And also there is an option to activate automatic once the product is purchased and installed. In case automatic activation is not possible, then you may have to send a mail to: cs[at] and you will receive the activation key to your mail-id within 48 hours. For more details read Product Activation Procedure.

9. I receive an windows security alert when trying to activate my product or using the automatic update feature?

If you receive an alert when trying to activate your product automatically, you maybe behind a firewall/proxy server which is preventing the process from completing successfully. Unblock the firewall and try to install the software.

10. How do I report any Bug or request any feature?

If you experience any problem in using the software or if you want to request any feature you can reach us at cs[at]

11.Do you offer certification after exam?

Prepexams offers mock tests which help you prepare for certification exams. We do not offer certification exams or provide any certification.

12.How many questions are available for mock test?

It defers from exam to exam. Normally, there will be 2000+ questions for each mock test. For example, if you had purchased JEE Main mock test you will get total of 2000+ question. But if you use exam mode you have to answer 40 questions in each subject as an actual exam will have.

13. How the students can be benefited from provides questions appeared in previous exams with detailed solutions. It provides 2 modes learn mode (allows you to understand a question and view its detailed explanations), exam mode (it simulates actual exam environment with time limits).

14.Do you offer corporate or bulk discounts?

Yes, please write to sales[at] for details.

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