Tutorials on CCNA-IP Services


A tutorial on IP Services is available from Tutorialsweb.com.

IP Services: CCNA IP Services is a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification course that focuses on IP services and technologies. The course covers topics such as IP addressing, routing protocols, network security, and IP services such as DHCP, DNS, NTP and NAT. The goal of CCNA IP Services is to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to design, implement, and troubleshoot enterprise IP networks. The certification is intended for network administrators, network engineers, and network support professionals who work with Cisco network technologies.

A brief review of the contents of the tutorial is given below:

1 Configure and verify inside source NAT using static and pools

2 Configure and verify NTP operating in a client and server mode

3 Role of DHCP and DNS within an IP network

4 SNMP in Network Operations

5 Syslog Features and Configuration

6 DHCP Client and Relay Agents – Roles

7 Forwarding per-hop behavior (PHB) for QoS such as classification, marking, queuing, congestion, policing, shaping

8 TFTP/FTP Features and Configuration in an IP network

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CCNA Network Simulator

About: Tutorialsweb.com The website offers several articles on certifications, surface mount technology, software programming, and computer networking etc.

A+ Core2 Practice Test Android app update


SimulationExams.com updated android app for A+ Core 2 practice test. The practice test for android app consists of 350+ questions with answers and detailed explanation for each question and conform to latest A+ Core 2 220-1102 certification exam.

Exam objectives covered include

1.0 Operating Systems 31%

2.0 Security 25%

3.0 Software Troubleshooting 22%

4.0 Operational Procedures 22%

Total 100%

Question Types supported

1. Multiple Choice Single/Multiple Answers.

2. . Text/Image Drag-n-Drop Questions

3. . Exhibit type Questions

Exam Information

Exam Information: A+ Core certification requires two tests to be passed: the A+ Core 1 (220-1101) exam and A+ Core 2 (220-1102) exam. Both of these tests must be passed in order to receive A+ certification .

Download the free A+ Core 1 practice exam and A+ Core 2 practice exam from SimulationExams.com. Free trial version enables candidates to evaluate the software before purchasing the same.

SimulationExams.com A+ Core 1 Android app update


SimulationExams.com a leading practice test provider updated A+ Core 1(220-1101) android app. App consists of 350+ questions , which covers topics of latest A+ Core 1 (220-1101) certification exams.

Question types supported are Multiple choice single answer, Multiple choice multiple answer, Drag and drop, Exhibit Type Questions, performance based questions

Topics covered include

1.0 Mobile Devices 15%
2.0 Networking 20%
3.0 Hardware 25%
4.0 Virtualization and Cloud Computing 11%
5.0 Hardware and Network Troubleshooting 29%

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Anandsoft Android version of eLearn-LAAS Software


Anand Software and Training, leading software developer and practice exams provider, offers Android version of eLearn-Learning and Assessment Software (LAAS) . Several of the practice tests including Cisco® CCNA® , CCNP, CompTIA A+® , Network+® , Security+® , Juniper JNICA® have been made available on the app store. The practice exams and eLearn-LAAS software is available on all major operating systems including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Students, institutions, and businesses can access eLearning tools from Learning and Assessment Software (LAAS). The programme is a total solution for any business or academic institution that wants to offer content and assessment assessments online. The android version of eLearn-LAAS software consists of the following two modules

Content Engine: Content engine which presents all the lessons arranged according to titles, topics and sub topics. Most of the available content formats are supported including pdfs, audio visuals, MS office formats, and others.

Exam Engine: Exam Engine module allows candidates to import the exams provided by the author and then take the exams.

The software is available through app store as given below:


About Anand Software and Training: Anand Software and Training, a privately held Bangalore based company, is engaged in the development of exam sims and network sims. JNCIA®  is a trademark of Juniper Networks® . The company  specializes in development of desktop applications using .net, Java, and other Open Source technologies.

Disclaimer: Anand Software and Training is not associated with Cisco®  or Comptia® organization. Comptia A+®, Network+®, and Security+® are trademarks of CompTIA orgnaization. CCNA®  is a trademark of Cisco® . All trademarks are the trademarks of their respective owners and duly recognized.

CBT Exam Engine Android app : Exam Modes


Computer Based Test (CBT) Software: The Computer Based Test software that is designed with great deal to create and conduct exams. one can create and conduct the exam with or without internet connection. The Computer Based Test Software includes an Author module that can be used to create a centralized question database which can be populated and edited by various Authors, and Exam Engine module that can be used by candidates to login and take exams.

The Exam Engine works in conjunction with author module. The author module enables inputting the required questions and answers by the author(s). The detailed help provides step-by-step procedure on using the author module and the test engine. The exam engine allows a candidate to take the test.

CBT software exam engine module is available for Android phones too so the candidates can take exams from their mobile phones. Android application of exam engine is available for download from Google Play Store.

CBT exam engine allows candidate to use the test module in two modes

  1. Learn Mode : Provides interactive learning environment where candidate can go through each question and view flash cards and correct answers for each question.
  2. Exam Mode : Simulates actual exam environment in which candidate needs to answer exam created by instructor in a given time without any help from flash cards.

Once the candidate has logged in using a login name he/she is presented with a “Mode” screen (shown below). In this screen candidate can select if he/she want to view question in learn mode (for learning purpose) or in Exam mode (simulate exam environment).

Download link for app is here

CBT Exam Engine Android app

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SimExam Exam Engine iOS app

CCNP ENARSI Practice Test Mac OS app


Anand Software and Training offers CCNAP Enarsi Practice Test for Mac OS.

available on the app store.

CNP ENARSI 300-410 practice test provides 200+ practice questions from latest syllabus of CCNP ENARSI certification exam 300-410 offered by Cisco. Complete explanation is provided for each question in Learn mode, and actual exam environment is simulated in Exam mode.

Question types supported are

  • Multiple choice single answer
  • Multiple choice multiple answer
  • Drag and Drop type question.
  • Exhibit type question.

Other practice test offered include

CCNP ENCOR Practice Test

CCNA Practice Test

SimExam Exam Engine on the App Store


The Computer Based Test Software combines the CBT Author and CBT Exam Engine modules to create centralized question database which can be populated and edited by various Authors. CBT Exam Engine can be used by candidates to login and take exams.

SimExams CBT software’s exam engine module is available for iphones too so the candidates can take exams from their mobile phones. iOS application of exam engine is available for download from App Store.

Exam Screen with MCMA question type

Download CBT Exam Engine For iOS and experience it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Computer Based Test Software Author Module : Export Questions To Excel File


The Computer Based Test Software includes an Author module that can be used to create a centralized question database which can be populated and edited by various Authors, and Exam Engine module that can be used by candidates to login and take exams.

CBT Software-Author Module is used to input questions into the exam database. Later the exam database is imported into the CBT Software- Exam Engine and used by the instructor to administrate the exam.

Simexams.com updated it’s Computer Based Test software Author Engine to support following features.

  1. Bulk uploading of questions. To enter questions in bulk by using a excel file.
  2. Bulk uploading of student information. To enter candidate details in bulk by using a excel file.
  3. Full backup of their work on CBT Software. This option will create and download a full backup file (.zip format) containing all details for all exams, candidates, groups.
  4. To restore their work from a previous back up file.

Export questions to Excel file: This feature can be used by Administrator and Authors to export existing questions to a excel file format. Authors will be able to export only the questions they have entered, where as administrator will have option to select the author whose questions he wants to export.

The main purpose of this feature is to give all authors ability to take a copy of all the work they have done on CBT Author.

Author question Type window

Sample exported excel file

CompTIA Security+ Practice Tests For Mobile Devices


CompTIA Security+ certification is designed to validate the candidate knowledge of security-related topics including troubleshooting, detect, manage the security threats. If you pass out the security+ exam then you will definitely get a better job in the IT field. Passing the exam has been a tough task because of some tricky concepts involved in the syllabus. To overcome the problem simulationexams.com has updated it’s android and ios app practice tests for CompTIA Security+ to understand the topics with the latest questions of security+.

The practice tests are prepared by subject matters experts. With the help of Security+ android app, you can prepare for the exam within the shortest possible span and will be able to score high scoring grades. The practice tests come with demo version (which as 60 practice questions)and the full version (which has 250+ practice questions). The question types include multiple-choice questions, drag-n-drop and exhibit based. The practice tests are useful for candidates who have planned to take the certification exam in the next couple of weeks, or for those who would like to know their proficiency in a given area.

About SimulationExams: The website, a brand site of Anand Software and Training, offers practice tests for various certification exams including Cisco CCNA™, CompTIA A+™, Network+™, Juniper JNCIA™, and others.

Disclaimer: Simulationexams.com is neither associated nor affiliated with CompTIA® or any other company. A+™, Network+™, Security+™, Server+™ are trademarks of CompTIA® and duly acknowledged.

CCNA Network Simulator Supported Devices


Network Simulator software is a software tool that enables candidates to work on Cisco® router and switches in a stand alone virtual lab environment. Several labs have been made available for practice in the lab manual. Both Command Line Interface (CLI) mode and Graphical User Interface (GUI) mode are available. Domains covered in the labs include

  1. Basic IP address configuration of routers and switches
  2. RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, Access-Lists, MPLS,DHCP,NAT configurations
  3. VLAN, VTP configurations
  4. STP configuration and troubleshooting

Network designer is used to design any simple router Network. The network diagram can be exported and then used by the simulator module to configure according to the requirement.

The supported devices and the connectors include the following:

  1. Routers

      i. 800 series routes

  1. 805
  2. 806

ii.1700 series routers

  1. 1710
  2. 1720

iii. 1900 series routes

  1. 1905
  2. 1921
  3. 1941

iv. 2500 series routes

  1. 2501
  2. 2503

v. 2600 series routers

  1. 2611XM
  2. 2620XM
  3. 2621XM

vi 3600 series routes

  1. 3620
  2. 3640
  3. Switches

i. 1900 series switches


ii. 2900 series switches






iii. 3500 series switches


  1. Other devices


  1. Connectors
  1. Serial
  2. Ethernet
  3. IsdnBri
  4. Frame Relay
  5. Fast Ethernet
  6. Gigabit Ethernet

Download CCNA Network Simulator w/designer for additional info

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