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Computer Based Test (CBT) Software: The Computer Based Test software that is designed with great deal to create and conduct exams. one can create and conduct the exam with or without internet connection. The Computer Based Test Software includes an Author module that can be used to create a centralized question database which can be populated and edited by various Authors, and Exam Engine module that can be used by candidates to login and take exams.

The Exam Engine works in conjunction with author module. The author module enables inputting the required questions and answers by the author(s). The detailed help provides step-by-step procedure on using the author module and the test engine. The exam engine allows a candidate to take the test.

CBT software exam engine module is available for Android phones too so the candidates can take exams from their mobile phones. Android application of exam engine is available for download from Google Play Store.

CBT exam engine allows candidate to use the test module in two modes

  1. Learn Mode : Provides interactive learning environment where candidate can go through each question and view flash cards and correct answers for each question.
  2. Exam Mode : Simulates actual exam environment in which candidate needs to answer exam created by instructor in a given time without any help from flash cards.

Once the candidate has logged in using a login name he/she is presented with a “Mode” screen (shown below). In this screen candidate can select if he/she want to view question in learn mode (for learning purpose) or in Exam mode (simulate exam environment).

Download link for app is here

CBT Exam Engine Android app

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